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I have a 2005 Chevy Cavalier. Took it in at the end of April for a semi-annual as we were going on a trip the next day and wanted to make sure the car was alright.

Got a call saying that I needed $1700 in repairs. This inclued having the front and rear brakes done. Brakes started squealing last week. Took the back tires off and they didn't even do the back brakes but charged me for it!

The pads are 1/8"!

How many other things did they lie about doing? When they told me that the brakes needed to be done, they made it sound like my car was dangerous to drive if I didn't replace the brakes right away...then they didn't even replace them.

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Take the billing receipt to a dealer and see what happens.

Then again, most of the stories here are intended to manipulate $$$ out of someone.

Thats why they rarely mention the company, cause their documentation is non-existent.

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