Hambleton, West Virginia

We rented a car at the Charleston WV airport after hitting a deer on the nearby interstate on May 25,2008. We paid $187.73 after taxes for a week for a Malibu.

After getting home to Reedsville WV, we noticed during the next few days that the transmission was leaking in our garage. We then took the car back to the airport in Morgantown WV six days later on May 31. This is near our home.We rented another Malibu at that time for a period of two weeks The cost was $345.70. It was pouring rain when we picked up the car and in good faith did not inspect it before driving it the 20 miles to our home.

The car is damaged on the right front fender., the left wheel rim is severly bent, the AM radio doesn't work, The automatic lock system is inoperatable and the seats are filthy. I took pictures of these apparent issues and intend to return them when we turn the car in on Saturday, June 15, 2008. We did not return the car the second time because the airport is a 20 mile drive and the car is drivable. However, we are paying a substantial amount for a Hertz car and they are most unsatisfactory.

The insurance company only pays a small portion of the rental total.I thought that Hertz was a reputable car rental service.

I plan on contacting the main company office if necessary.

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