Monmouth, Illinois

I have a 2005 silverado I went to a couple of dealers to trade it in and get a new one, the problem became I was only allowed 3500 to 4000 dollars for mine, but they had ones setting on the lot exactly the same thing same color miles etc, for 8900-11000 I prefer Chevrolet and have 3 setting in my garage and a 36 foot camper with chevrolet chasis. It seems as though ford and Dodge are offering better deals with the bottom line being 9000 difference where Chevrolet is 14000 difference.

I beleive that someone needs to have a chat with the dealers and tell them not to be so greedy.

Randy White 1652 N. Co. Rd.

900 Hamilton Ill. 62341

phone 309 221 1452

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