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Hello dont know if Im talking to right place but will try . Last year bought 2021 Tahoe high country for my wife she loves it .

80 thousand plus the extended warranty a lot of money. Then my son finds a 2022 Silverado 2500 hd at the same dealership Arnold Chevy in New York they are super great there . So I help him to buy it But he is charged 3,000 over sticker thats the price times are bad we get it 76,000 plus tax and warranty . Well now its 2022 I found a truck at sunrise Chevy in Queens sticker is 79,000 they also tell me I have to pay 3,000 over sticker this is great and I still need and extended warranty and some accessories .Im waiting for a phone call right now To pick the truck up.

its finely here I think . To buy a third Chevy vehicle makes me a good customer no but I dont feel that way dont know if anyone can help but I vented lol thanks for your time Wayne foley

Location: West Babylon, New York

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