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In 1997 I bought a new Chevy Silverado. My son worked at the Tukwilla store at that time.

My son had a TUFF 3" lift kit installed. John was the manager at the time. My truck has only 71,000 miles today. I need a new set of tires now, but this will be the 4th set of front tires.

The problem is tread wear, and shimmy at about 43 mph. I've had my truck checked(balance,alignment,4 way alignment) two times at the Tulwilla store,twice at the Covington store, and twice at Maple Valley store. The Covington store reversed a steering arm thinking this would help. No luck.

The front tires always wears with waves in the tread, and they wear out really fast.

When I back up the front plows or makes deep ruts while turning left only. There has to be someone who can fix my problem once and forever.

I can't keep buying new tires every 20,000. Help

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you may want to check out your worn *** front end then. not only have you lifted it, and i bet the *** that did the lift didnt loosen your trackbar and torque it after the lift, but that prob killed the bushings, and all the extra wear and angle on the other front end components are making your problem, prob your balljoints, ccontrol arms, and alaignment is off

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