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I was looking to buy a car. I found the auto I wanted for $9,000. We haggled over payments & they left me to sit for 8 hrs!

They agreed & said I was approved for a 5yr/60mth loan & it would be $250.00 a month, with Gap ins & extended warranty. They wouldn't tell me anything about the lender or loan terms. They just wanted me to sign the paper. The paper stated I would pay $400.00 a month for 5yrs with NO Gap or Warranty! I pointed that out & they said it was a miss print. The guy printed the correct paper & laid it down for me to sign. He kept his hand on the paper. He had a paper over another paper. The under paper signature was where he said to sign. I pushed his hand away, pulled out the paper I was told to sign & it was the paper for the $400.00 a month for 5yrs with NO Gap or Warranty!

I was called a dumb broad & other sexist calls to my face & behind my back! They even tried to bully me!


Review about: Chevrolet Warranty.

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thanks for sharing your experience, what ***!

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