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Nov 1st 2021

Ongoing, Nonstop 2019 Chevy Equinox Problems With Only 17,000 Miles On It

On September 2019 I purchased a brand new 2019 Chevy Equinox LT 1.6 L Turbo Diesel SUV from Auto Nation In South Miami (Doral) Florida. The first problem started that very day when the dealerships detailer dented the side of this new Equinox. Since I live a 3-hour drive away from the dealership in Port Saint Lucie Florida Auto Nation the dealer told me to take it to a dent wizard and send them the bill to reimburse me. I did this within a few days but They never paid me back the few hundred dollars they owed me even after multiple phone calls to the dealership. Since then I let that go. Here is a list of ongoing problems.

1. The headlights came from the factory aimed far too high to the point of blinding oncoming traffic and this went on for well over a year. Every time I drove at night people would flash me with their high beams blinding me as well. Twice I was pushed off of the road by pickup trucks that drove over the center line because they were extremely pissed off at me for blinding them. My girlfriend and I could have been killed by these actions. I called both GM proper and the dealer multiple times about this ongoing problem and all I was told was that the projector headlights on my Equinox had absolutely no adjustment capability at all and nothing could be done, I finally took this Equinox to the Dyer Chevrolet body shop and they quickly showed me the two nylon screws in the engine compartment that adjusted the headlights up and down on both side of the vehicle to fix this problem.

However, the passenger side nylon adjuster screw was stripped out since the vehicle was factory new and it needed to be replaced. I was disgusted to discover that this tiny nylon headlight adjuster screw was purposely designed and attached to a huge assembly that required the entire front fender and bumper to be removed in order to replace this tiny nylon screw. The cash cost for replacing this *** flimsy nylon headlight adjuster screw would have been over $1,500.00 as per the dealers quote. I waited weeks for the parts to come into the dealer and when it did arrive it was the wrong parts. So I had to wait again! This design was purposely engineered this way to extract the most amount of money from anyone that had to deal with this flimsy adjuster screw. This is nothing less than extortion by GM for anyone having to go through this nightmare when this screw assembly could have easily been designed for a five-minute replacement at a very low cost to the dealer and customer!

2. The Bluetooth connection between the entertainment system and my cell phone continues to lose its pair to drop my ability to make and take phone calls! This is forcing me to hold my phone while driving and it is putting me, passengers, and other drivers in danger if I have to talk on the phone while driving. Also, it's putting me in the position to break the law against talking on the phone while driving! This problem continues and the service manager of Dyer Chevrolet has informed me that he has the same problem. I do not want a traffic ticket because of this ongoing problem!

3. The paint on the hood was defective and bubbling up from rust or corrosion, The entire hood had to be repainted and I am now seeing paint chipping off of the roof

4. The entire entertainment system screen and system has been going blank for days at a time causing the inability to make phone calls, listen to music and to read and operate all of the adjustment controls, and to read the vehicles performance gauges for DEF, Oil Changes, Fuel Mileage, other MPGs settings, and many other functions. This has happened multiple times,

5. This problem really burns me up! I had to bring this Equinox in for a factory recall to have the catalytic converter replaced and to have the computer re-flashed to allow the soot to burn off better than before. After the replacement and computer re-flash, my Equinox immediately lost 10 miles per gallon on trips and more than that for around town at Aprox 22MPGs Getting high fuel mileage is very important to me and it was one of the main reasons for purchasing this almost $31,000 diesel vehicle. Since then its been back at the shop for soot build up again and again. I was stuck far from home when the computer forced the vehicle to go into a mode of less than 20 miles per hour in traffic! I had to pull over, stop wait, and flatbed it back to the dealer to repair this ongoing problem that I fear will continue over and over again because of obvious design flaws of the catalytic converter and the computer systems' inability to operate it properly!

6. The DEF sensor went bad and I had to bring it back to the dealer a couple of times to figure out the problem because the computer reader gave improper information! Today Nov 1st 2021 the computer and the engine light came on again noting that the speed would reduce automatically again if it was not repaired. I brought it to the dealer today and they are now telling me that the entire DEF tank and sensors need to be replaced because of a bad injector sensor and Ill have to rent a car again while waiting for the parts to come in! I feel that this is a hit-or-miss attempt to properly repair this problem yet again!

In conclusion, I think it is fair to say and for you people at GM to understand why I no longer trust the present and future performance of this 2019 Chevy Equinox! This is the main reason that my almost 3-year-old 2019 Equinox only has 17,000 miles on it! I do not enjoy driving this vehicle because I have lost all trust that it can stay functioning properly for any reasonable amount of time, especially for long trips! Also, I have no desire nor can I afford to spend a fortune on future continuous repairs when the factory warranty is over, and I do not want to have to spend thousands of additional dollars for a full service extended warranty with more downtime during breakdowns

User's recommendation: Never Buy GM Again!

Location: Port Saint Lucie, Florida

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