We own a 2011 Chevy Silverado. Recently there was a problem with the taillight on the left side of the truck.

Upon removal of the taillight, it was noted that the metal behind the taillight was totally rusted out. Im being told that this is because it was not painted or sprayed with a thick enough coat of protectant. This was our first Chevrolet truck after switching from Ford. It has been very disheartening to find that the truck, although it drives great and has a good strong motor is rusting due to the metal behind the taillight assembly not being covered well enough with a rust inhibitor prior to painting.

I have pics. After we saw the rusted out left side we removed the light assembly on the right side and found the same thing.

We were looking at purchasing the RST but I am thinking if we do, well need to have the taillight assembly removed prior to purchase to see if it has already started to rust while sitting on the dealership lots. After all, thats a lot of money to pay for a vehicle that is rusting before you drive it off the lot.

User's recommendation: Check behind your taillight assembly for rusting frame rust.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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