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I'm having a problem with chopped tires on my new truck. I went to the dealership on Saturday Aug 21 with 6,687 miles and they Disregarded my concern at that visit and just rotated the chopped front tires to the back so I contacted the service manager on Monday Aug 23 with my concern.

He agreed to look at the truck and check the alignment. So I took the truck to let him visually see the tires on Tuesday after work at the end of the day just so he could see my concern. He made excuses stating that the 3.0 Diesel engine is heavy and could cause the tires to chop and suggested the tire should be rotated every 6000 mile. He also made statements that they are not that bad but I disagreed with him and stated that at a little over 6000 miles my tires shouldn't be chopped.

We made a plan to drop off the truck this morning so they could have it for the day which I did at 6,842 mile they checked the alignment and the right front was in the yellow and the steer ahead was to the right in the yellow and they made adjustments. So I picked up my truck after work and asked about the chopped tires getting replaced under warranty and they said the alignment wasn't bad enough for tire replacement.

My tires are chopped and the other way to fix that is to replace them and the dealership refused. That is my problem and need it addressed.

User's recommendation: Don’t buy a new car or truck until they put it on the alignment rack and prove that it’s align correctly before signing anything.

Preferred solution: Tire replaced .

Chevrolet Cons: Does not stand behind product, Service staff are lying in your face.

Location: 5043 Commercial Drive, Yorkville, NY 13495

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