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On Friday, December 26, 2014 my mother, Angela White and I, Sigourney White entered Ourisman Chevrolet Dealership located at 4400 Branch Avenue, Marlow Heights, Maryland approximately 9:40 a.m. To begin with, John was seated at his desk at the front entrance of the store fumbling with his cell phone and he briefly looked at us both and failed to greet us as guest, I stood there in disbelief thinking to ourselves that we must be invisible. We then walked around the facility seeking for assistance and spoke with a young lady in passing after she had heard us asking for assistant and she had introduced us to Ms. Stephanie, Sales Associates. I informed the young lady that John had ignored us and that I was offended with his poor customer service skills.

In addition, we engaged in conversation with Stephanie expressing our interest in a Camaro 2015. I, Sigourney test drove two vehicles (white and rock red) and I selected to purchase the Red Rock Camaro. We began the application process by exchanging information etcetera started the negotiation process with Navy Federal Credit Union. Stephanie was experience computer problems and it appeared that she was not computer savvy because we had to instruct her on how to upload and download documents. Not to mention I feel that Ms. Stephanie was not properly trained because she misplaced our documentation and actually did not know what she was doing at all.

Secondly, we were going back and forth crunching numbers for a suitable car payment that would be beneficial to me and Navy Federal Credit standards. Navy Federal Credit made an offer and told me I could pick-up the check to pay-off the trade-in vehicle which was a 2014 black Camaro. Stephanie indicated that the dealer appraisal was set at $11,500.00 dollars. There were other factors but we eventually arrive to a final deal and was about to leave to pick-up the check. Ms. Stephanie went to see Joe, Sales Manager for final approval and he had indicated to her that the Red Rock Camaro had been sold. We were livid as to how could you sell a vehicle while we sitting there and tell us that WE had to buy the white Camaro. Who does this? You do not tell a customer what they have to do! Ms. Stephanie and the Joe claimed that we said we did not want the Red Rock Camaro and they had sold it to a customer who paid with cash. My money is as good as the next customer whether its credit or cash!

Henceforth, I request Joe, Sales Manager to locate another Red Rock Camaro from another store and was told that it would have to be special ordered which would take approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks. This was absurd and I stated to him that he was dishonest! Consequently, I requested that Joe show me the system’s inventory where it indicates that were no more Red Rock Camaro in stock. Joe refused and I stated there is no transparency here at this store and we had decided to vacate the premises because we were upset and was refused to be service any longer. Your staff began recording me and my mother while exiting the premise with complete humiliation and embarrassed causing emotional and mental distress. In short, it is hopeful that your employees do not share our experience on the social media because I am most certain that it is against company policies as well as poor customer service!

Besides, the next day we decided to visit the Bowie location and received the Red Rock Camaro and in deed the staff at the Bowie were professional and understanding by going the extra mile to satisfy its customer by going to another store to pick-up the vehicle in questioned. Now that’s quality service. I guess only from the Bowie location.

Dissatisfied customer,

Product or Service Mentioned: Chevrolet Car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Chevrolet Pros: Dissatisfied.

Chevrolet Cons: No i did not.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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