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I took my 2019 Z71 in because the motor was making a noise. The dealership put a new motor in it.

When i got my truck back the transmission was whining, shaking, vibrating, and shifting very hard. When it shifts it will shake you out of the cab. I took it back to them and told them the transmission was fine when I brought it to them and now its in really bad shape. They told me they would flush it and charge me $550.

I told them I shouldn't have to pay for it because it was fine when i brought it to them. They said no I would have to pay to have it fixed. So now im driving around with a broke transmission that could go out at any moment. I usually trade my truck in every year to year and a half because i put so many miles on them.

Now i cant even trade it in because nobody will give me anything for it because the check engine light is on. I want my transmission fixed.

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