My name is Cindy Tondee and I am contacting you about an issue that I see is unfair on my behalf. In August of 2019 I brought my black Chevrolet Cruze made in 2013 into the Autonation Chevrolet located In Orlando, Florida.

I brought it in because my car was overheating and not holding coolant. I was charged roughly around 500 dollars for the mechanics to fix the issue. Later down the line I went in for an engine diagnostic at my local Pep Boys. I was simply told that my vehicle was still leaking and not holding coolant, so before i went with Pep boys to fix it i called the dealership that I stated earlier in the email to see if they could fix the issue since it was something they supposedly sixed back in August of 2019.

I was told by an advisor that i was under the warranty as long as it was the same issue, which it is. I took my car back to the dealership and i was contacted back by John Mayor stating that i would have to pay roughly 900 dollars for me to be able to get it fixed. What i do not understand is that if I was told that if it was the same thing it would be under the warranty. Which it was, why am i being charged for them to fix something they should have properly fixed the first time.

I came to a conclusion that i should not have to pay 900 dollars for the same thing that is happening. I would highly appreciate it if someone was to get in contact with me about this issue as soon as possible.

Contact Information: 407-690-****

Location: Orlando, Florida

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