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One of the worst experiences of my life. I lost one of my parents just a few days prior to my vehicle breaking down.

They charged me for diagnostics (back in June) But the guy they force you to talk to at the local dealership has not been able to give us a definite price quote on fixing it. He just keeps saying it's an internal transmission issue. Well no crap Jim! What was your first clue when it wouldn't go into reverse?

Or when we told you while driving and first gear it kept downshifting? I have actually contacted the Chevrolet corporation because my car was one month out of warranty and I only had 30,000 miles on this car. This guy Jim Jernigan over at Nimnicht Chevrolet on cassat in Jacksonville Florida cannot give us an actual answer as to how much the auto repair will be. I have had a lot of unfortunate things happen over the past year and we've lost a whole income.

"Pandemic" When you take an automobile to a dealership they should be able to give you an honest quote! For some reason the number changes every time we talk to this guy. In a 45 minute conversation on Tuesday the number changed 5 times. Also we have contacted Chevrolet corporation and they have given us 3 separate case I'd numbers.

Jim Jernigan from nimnicht Chevrolet can't seem to find a single one of those numbers. Yet I called 2 separate dealerships outside of the state of Florida and they can see all the case numbers and notes. How can that be if the man they directly sent these case I'd numbers numbers to says he has never received them and that he thought I was making them up. I'm so over this horrible experience.

I have found a reputable transmission shop THAT HAS GIVEN ME A DEFINITE PRICE QUOTE... THAT HAS NOT CHANGED SINCE LAST MONTH WHEN THEY GAVE ME THE QUOTE! Also that quote is $1800.00 cheaper than the best price that Jim Jernigan spewed out his lie hole! I thought my husband was crazy when he said well that Jim guy from Nimnicht Chevy can't really give me a price quote.

He just keeps changing numbers and drawing this out. I have had to ask for rides since It's a few days before March. I have never had to ask anyone for a ride in my entire life. I'm an adult with Lupus and a lot of other health issues.

I have to go to at least one Dr or specialist a month no matter what. am an adult with a $27 THOUSAND DOLLAR CHEVROLET PAPERWEIGHT ON MY DRIVEWAY! I'm going to get it fixed and trade it in on a nice little Ford or something. I wish they would just give me the money I have paid on this piece of garbage to put towards a good vehicle.

Not the little points Jim Jernigan was saying he would give us towards a brand new Chevy that is $40 thousand dollars. No thank you I am upset over the piece of crap I'm stuck paying for. I have also had to keep full coverage insurance on the hunk of metal. This is pathetic.

have only owned Chevrolets in my life but that brand does not mean crap to them so why should it mean anything to anyone else! This experience has made me bitter. I will not give Chevy another penny of my hard earned cash. This is ridiculous.

The dishonest man was honest enough to say well it's not really a mark up no matter what rolls through this shop; I always make my cut. I believe that was about the only honest sentence he said in that room besides Chevrolet doesn't care about you because you didn't get your car serviced here. Chevrolet doesn't care about you because you didn't buy your car here either. So what he's saying is it doesn't really matter to Chevrolet that I bought three brand new cars through them I bought this one used only because the price of vehicles is so stinking high.

Our Impala has 389,000. Miles on it. The S 10 has 267 thousand miles. That Traverse paperweight 30 thousand miles Thank you for showing that brand loyalty means nothing...

not one damn thing. They don't make them like they used to. If it ends up being that r35 clutch I promise I will be more upset.

It's a sad world we live in today. Prayers are welcome.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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