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After contacting Pissed Consumer and then my complaint was forwarded to GM customer service they reached out to me and reconsidered my claim for lost use of my car. Eirc's Chevrolet also called GM on my behalf and told GM they in no way damaged my Corvette.

Gm told me I would be reimbursed for the time I did not have my car. They calculated the payments on a 5 year payment. I was told before my last complaint they would pay nothing because they stated the dealership caused the damage! After review they sent me a check for 2 months of payments.

I was told it was going to be figured on the time I did not have my car.

That was 3 months! Thats for contacting GM and helping get some satisfaction!!

Original review posted by user Nov 22, 2021

Picked up my 2021Corvette HTC on 12-26-20. The next day the HTC top jammed when I attempted to close it.

Returned to the dealership. 22 days later I got the car back after GM engineer told the tech what parts to replace. A week later top jammed again. This happened 6-8 times over 6 months.

GM finally sent GM engineers to work on it. They could not fix the top either. They ordered a new top and closing mechanism. The engineers dropped the top and chipped the paint and they didnt have it aligned right.

It opened a couple of times and then it moved and chipped the paint in another place. I have 15-20 calls and 12 trips to the dealership 45 miles away. I was told a couple of times GM would possibly replace the car. I was also told I would have my payments reimbursed for the time my car was in the shop.

In the 8 months I owned my car it was in the shop 92 days. Now GM says I will not get any reimbursement because the dealership caused the damage!!! That is a lie! The dealership has been very open with me.

GM customer service lies. 1200 miles driving to the dealership attempting to get the car fixed and GM customer service is giving me a line of BS about the dealership!

User's recommendation: Don’t waste your time with GM customer service they will feed you a line of BS.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Chevrolet Cons: Quality and customer service is worst, Gmc corporate office not helpful.

Location: 1800 North Reed Road, Kokomo, IN 46901

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