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Purchased 2019 Silverado in November 2019 in the state of Washington, broke down in December 2019 in the state of Texas.

Been without this truck for 2.5 months. have made 2 payments on it.

customer supervisor gives you the run around, call the senior adviser, leave message to call me back, she's busy on the other line with a customer, i'm told.

Very frustrated and need someone to help with this case.

I asked for the phone number to their legal Department, they stated they don't have one.

Any suggestions other than consulting an attorney.

Preferred solution: Would like to talk to someone who knows..

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If you want the ultimate pick up truck that will last for 300,000 miles without a problem then get yourself a Toyota Tundra. These trucks are BUILT!

I've had personal experience with many truck brands, and Toyota trucks are the longest lasting, best built, and are a far better dollar value than anything the domestic truck makers build. I once owned a 2000 Toyota T-100 full size pickup that had 700,000 miles on it before I retired that workhorse. That's right, 700,000 miles! And the truck still ran good on its original motor!

There's no way any GM, Ford or RAM truck could accomplish that feat in lasting such a long life. I currently drive a 2016 Tundra which is a dream:) I even get an occasional "thumbs up" from other drivers when I'm in my Tundra.

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