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I bought a GM buyback Traverse. It was bought back because the battery kept dying and the service department couldn't figure it out.

It turned out it the computer wasn't going "to sleep." They replaced the computer and problem solved. I thought it was a good deal but since I bought it, it's been back to the dealership multiple times for the sunroof, once it had to be towed in because the fuel injectors went, the fan for the seat cooler went and the receiver for the XM radio went. All these problems in less than ! year so I decided to buy an Extended Service Plan and found out GM wont even offer extended service plans on it's buybacks!

The company that built the vehicle wont even take my money because they know how bad this vehicle is!

Anyway I'm going shopping for a Dodge Durango this weekend. Never again will I buy a GM!

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Durango- are you crazy or just want want worse problems....

Do some more reaserch and get something better!

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