Good morning,

I just wanted to supply some feed back on my service. I am a huge fan of Chevys I have purchased 5 vehicles with in the past 10 years and have sent multiple friends and family your way as well.

I purchased a 2020 Chevy Malibu in October if 2020 in March I had some transmission issues in which my vehicle was in the shop for 3 weeks great customer service this time I was updated regularly. Again about 2 weeks after receiving my vehicle, transmission issues so since May 6th (and still in there). I never received any follow-up calls until June 30th telling me my new transmission is there and will be installed within the next couple of days and that I needed to come in and swap out my rental. I feel that I had only been called because they wanted the rental I had to be swapped out!

Furthermore, I am a little frustrated, one that I bought a new vehicle and are having these kinds of issues and two the service I have received this time around.

I just wanted to inform you of my service this time around! And would like to add that my experience prior has been great!

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