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On 08/22/12 I went to Wiesner Chevrolet in Huntsville Texas and made a deal with the salesman Mr. Wiggins for the purchase of a volt. He told me $ 37943.08. And that I would get .9 % finance. He wrote it down on a piece of paper and gave it to me. I told him i would purchase it at that price.

I returned later that evening and went in and was directed to the finance Guy. He told me that he was unable to get me the .9% finance but if I purchased Gap Insurance and extended warranty he would call them and would probably be able to get me the .9 % rate. I declined his offer and told him I would leave.

He then stated he would go ahead and get me the .9% finance. He showed me the numbers on the contract and I told him the price on the sale of the Volt was $38443.08 and the agreed price was $37994.08. He told me there was a dealer assigned rebate of $500 that was added in and then taken off which makes the price you pay $37.994.08.

I calculated the numbers in my head as best I could and it appeared to be that I was paying $37994.00. So I signed the contract and the other papers. One of the papers was a single sheet and he pointed to the top with his pen and said this is just summary of the sale. It just has the model, Year and VIN number and he X out the blanks. And I signed it thinking that was all it was.

After I got home and looked closer at the contract I discover that he had added in $598.00 and listed it as aftermarket. There was never anything said about aftermarket. I did not look close enough at the paperwork and new I had just got taken $ 598.00.

After driving the Volt for over 31 days I decided I wanted to return it because it was not as efficient and economical is I had thought. I called Chevy Love it or Return It program on 9-24-12 and was told by them I was not eligible because I took a $500 rebate.

On 9-25-12 I returned to Wiesner and talked to the salesman Mr. Wiggins. I showed him the handwritten paper that he gave me that showed the price we agreed was $37943.08 and he stated yes that was the price. I asked him about the rebate and he did not know what I was taking about.

I spoke the manager Mr. Bennett and he told me that I was not eligible for the Love it or leave it because I took the $500.00 rebate. I told him I did not take a rebate. I told him what the finance guy did. He stated that was correct. The $ 500 was added on and then taken off so I got the rebate so you cannot return the car.

I told him I intend to pursue this matter and was not just going to let it go away. He told me he had a document signed by me where I had opted out of the program. I told him that I did not and there was nothing like that in the paperwork given to me. He said I will get you a copy.

He returned with a three page copy. The first two pages I had never seen before. The third page was the page titled Summary of sale that I had signed. He said is that your signature. I said yes. He said then you opted out of the program. The second page had a list of check boxes and two were checked. They were not checked by me nor initial by me or any one. Those boxes checked was opting out of the love or leave it program.

I did not receive a rebate. I followed all of the terms and conditions to the letter. I have read the terms and conditions over and over. At no time during the sales process was there ever a mentioned of a rebate. The finance guy is the only person and he stated it was a dealer assigned rebate. I never asked for a rebate, nor did I receive one. I did not opt out of the program. I should be allowed to return the car.

I sent this letter along with copies of the above described documents to GM and they received it on 10-1-12. On 10-4-12 Elisa from GM told me I was denied my return of volt because I receive the rebate and opted out. I told her there were some shenanigans going on and I was not just going to let this go. She told me she would send in on up to her supervisor and I would hear from him. Have not received an answer yet as of 10-7-12.

Danny Coleman

Review about: Chevrolet Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $37994.

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It's a shame how car dealers, treat there customers. Once you sign those contracts, you're on the hook for that over price truck or car. That's cheaply made.

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