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I bought a 2004 silverado used in 2009, with only 37000 miles since that time I've put on an extra 25000 The truck never gave me a problem, until recently when I got in and all the bells went off telling me to check the brakes, come to find out that I had a leak in the brake line. So I had it towed to my local dealer Barton/ Burks, who told me that the whole brake line and fuel lines needed replacing at a cost of $2,000.

the whole brake line and fuel line was rusted

. I could not understand and no one could explain how this was possible for a 7 year old truck to have that kind of rust. The dealer and Chevy warranty couldn't and wouldn't help me to cover this as a defect.

OH and in case your wondering 1,400 is the labor cost 14 hours at 100 an hour 600 in parts. I wonder whats next?

Review about: Chevrolet Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I see you live in New York. Snow and snow salt are not good for the under body of an automobile during the winter seasons. This might be what caused the rust to start.


If you don't like the cost of labor; learn how to work on your own vehicle. Otherwise stfu and pay your bill.

Nothing to see here people, move along.


You should check your brakes every 5,000 miles. You went 25,000 and probably didn't do any maintenance at all.

And brake lines being rusty is not a problem.

They still work just fine. It takes a long time for those lines to rust through.


The truck could have come from anywhere in the country before being sold to you. Snow driving takes about 5 seasons for rust to set in.

Then another 2-3 years and the underbody is completely rusted. 10 years and there are holes in the floor, 15 years and the truck is ready to go to the junkyard.

It was your responsibility to check everything before buying.

Too late now. You failed.


Unfortunately you never know what you're getting with a used vehicle. You have no idea (nor does the dealer OR the manufacturer) how the previous owner(s) treated or maintained the vehicle. You take a risk buying anything but with a used vehicle the risk increases dramatically.

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