I purchased a 2006 Chev/Impala. The tie rod ends blew out at 30,000 miles.

I took the car to an independent shop and they told me the left front brake drum was shot???? They replaced the tie rod ends. The Pat Obrien Chevrolet refused to reimburse me for the bad tie rod ends and said it was out of warranty.

I took the car in for an oil change and filters. The service person told me there was a special on rotating the tires.

I said NO , I just had 2 new tires installed on the front and balanced. Aftyer about 1-1/2 hours I inquired as to where is my car. The service personell told me. The brakes are bad and need replacing , drums, pads etc.

the front seal was leaking and about 6 other things were needing attention . IOf I agreed for them to do the repairs now They would take $200.00 off the $800.00 bil. I blew up and said I told you to not take the wheels off and ruin the balanc e and tighten the lug nuts improperly to warp the rotors and wear out the brakes. I paid for the oil change , Wrote a letter to the BBB and State of Ohio Atty Gen'ls office.

I got my money refunded for the oil change. I demanded to know why the wheels were removed to inspect the brakes when I came in for an oil change.

They are rotten people! rip off specialists


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