Do you have any dealers in Florida that

have any idea of what the words honesty

& respect mean. I am 67 years old and

bought my first new Chevy in 1969 a SS

396 Chevrolet since that time I purchased 29 more vehicles including 10 factory ordered Corvettes.

I fully understand the situation with the new C8

however,Ive placed several orders in a

timely fashion and been given numerous

excuses for delays and after the fact changes.Such as we cant get your car

but we have this one which is no where near what I ordered & its X amount of

dollars over MSRP.

Right now Im dealing with Autonation Chevrolet and

since December 30,my date was changed 3 times but they have cars for sale in inventory for $15 or &20 over sticker.Whats up with that.My estimated

date is now September.Ive about had it

with BS.Please advise . Thank you

Vincent A Saiya Sr.

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