I purchased a used 2011 Chevy Equinox about 6 years ago. The vehicle that I was driving was older and the body was starting to fall apart, I figured for my kids safety that it was time to upgrade to a more dependable vehicle.

With my grandpa working and retiring from GM in Janesville, WI I figured I would get back to my roots of driving a Chevrolet like all of my family has done for many many years. A dependable vehicle is not what I got from company. Within the first 7 months of owning the vehicle I kept hearing a strange noise in the motor, I took it to get it serviced by the dealership even though I had just had the oil changed 2 weeks before this mysterious noise started. When the mechanic came out to go over their findings I was floored.

They had shared with me that my engine was dryer than the desert and that my motor was blown up and would need to be replaced! So being a single mom and working 2 jobs to support my family I unfortunately could not be without a vehicle and ended up paying over 3,000 for a motor to be put in. The dealership did tell me that they found a note on the Vin# stating this vehicle has reports of unexplained oil consumption. Moving forward I stay on top of my oil and check it regularly for this issue.

Fast forward to Christmas day 2020, while visiting family for Christmas and getting engaged to we are leaving our families house and notice a big oil spill under my car... the motor has blown again! It has been sitting in my parking lot since as they now want 5,769.28 to put a new motor in the vehicle. I seem to have got way more than I bargained for with this vehicle purchase.

I still owe 8,000 on the loan for this vehicle and I can not afford another 6,000 to fix it. I have looked at options of having the vehicle fixed or just surrendering it back to the bank however I purchased this thinking that it would help me build some better credit and it has only put me in the hole. I do not want to take the hit on my credit if surrendered back so that I do not have to look at or deal with this car and its issues anymore but I also do not have any available funds to get it fixed and be able to continue to pay out the loan.

I am looking for some major help from you to find me a resolution to my issue. I am stuck between a rock and a hard spot and need some help getting past you defective vehicle.

I look forward to your prompt reply back to get this issue resolved.

Thank you,

Victoria Schindler

Product or Service Mentioned: 2011 Chevrolet Equinox Car.

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