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I contacted the Kansas Attorney General's office and filed a complaint asking that Chevrolet be compelled to recall the vehicles and fix them with door handles that will not snap off. Here is the text of what I sent. Copy this text and make a similar complaint with your state and maybe we can get these cars recalled and fixed:

I purchased a 2011 HHR used from Carmax in November. Within a month as I attempted to exit the vehicle the inside driver's door handle snapped off and broke. I got on the internet and started investigating what it is going to take to fix the door handle and it was in the course of this inquiry that I found out this is a chronic problem with the HHR going back to at least 2006. The cost of fixing the handle at the dealer is about $500 because Chevrolet's fix is to replace the entire inner door panel. I did find an OEM solution for $85 but that is not what this is all about.

Not being able to exit the vehicle in an emergency constitutes a public safety issue. If the car were involved in an accident and the passengers needed to exit the vehicle immediately they may not be able to if the door handle breaks off. It is my opinion that this issue represents a clear and present danger to consumers. Several scenarios come to mind: 1) the vehicle becomes disabled on railroad tracks with an oncoming train, 2) the vehicle is involved in an accident and the vehicle is on fire or 3) the vehicle drives off the road into a body of water. All of these very common scenarios could lead to an unnecessary death of one or more occupants.

It is my opinion that the Attorney General should compel Chevrolet to recall these vehicles and replace the inside door handles with devices that will not fail.

I have provided a few links here that are representative of what I found out while searching the internet:







As you can see from some of these posts I am not the only person who considers this a safety issue. I do not expect a car to be designed to perfection - there will be problems but some issues are completely unacceptable and I feel being trapped in the car is one of them. Repairing the handle is not enough - the issue must be addressed so the handles do not break off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chevrolet Car.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I have a Chev HHR 2011 and the driver door handle broke within the first month. They are cheaply made and should be recalled because for the safety of the people


I would like to find a recall for this problem. Have a 2006 hhr.

Driver's door handle broke several months ago.

Today, the front passenger door handle broke. HELP!.


It takes more than just the handle. You also need the tivets to attach it.

This kit is incomplete. Other tools are also needed such as a specific drill bit to clear the ol d rivets out.


its a easy fix, amazon $16 for a new handle do it yourself its easy you tube video shows you how.

Lewes, Delaware, United States #1248097

I own a 2010 Chevy HHR and the inside front door handles both snapped off within a month of eachother! Cheap Chevy....and I was quoted $500 to fix this???!!!

I can't afford that. I'll NEVER but Chevy again. Oh it also has electric power steering??? Who does that!

I get mocked at when I take my car in anywhere. I hate Chevy.

to Anonymous #1426789

We also have a 2010 Chevy HHR LT that the driver's side door handle broke off. The chrome is actually cheap plastic.

We have no choice but to replace it ourselves n expect the rest of the door handles to break off at anytime. There should of been a recall on all of them, no wonder people are buying foreign made vehicles!

to Anonymous #1426798

BTW, we just a few months ago had to have the inside of the door fixed as it wouldn't open from the inside, we had to roll down the window n open it from the outside, WTF!!!! Now we're back to opening the door through the open window until we can get it fixed!

that can be so dangerous! My advice is DON'T BUY CHEVROLET PRODUCTS!

Lawrence, Kansas, United States #1178929

Mine has broken for the second time, will also send a letter to the Kansas Attorney General, but hey, the way Kansas Government is letting big business do whatever they want I doubt they do anything about it. Will be following up with other agencies.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1117641

I got stuck in my '06 Chevy HHR due to the issues with the interior door handles; it made me realize that this is a safety concern. I have filed a complaint with the NTHSA (National Highway Safety and Transportation Department) To file a complaint, call 1-888-327-4236 or go to http://www.nhtsa.gov/ .


Mine snapped off of my 2009 HHR. My friends 09 also snapped off and she uses vice grips to pull the cable to open the door, she can't afford to have it fixed.

Had mine repaired and only 6 months later it broke AGAIN.

This IS a safety issue and GM should recall these cars.

Gastonia, North Carolina, United States #1054796

Oct 28 2011 Our 2011 chevy hhr Driver's side door handle broke off . I think they made these out of Plastic knowing this will take place .

At $ 74;00 per they sell a lot of them . That's just part's no Labor cost . Why not metal ?

More cost but they pass it on to us any way .


My doorhandle just came off in my hand it is a Chevy 2011 H HR 58,000 miles I do not know if this is under warranty or not at the moment but I am considering it defective I don't care about the warranty I am going there tomorrow it is too late at night now

Harrisville, Michigan, United States #939570

i own a 206 hhr it come winter time my inside handle broke off drivers side front i tryed open window was froozen i climbed over the seat and shifting lever i got a bad heart theres some out there should do something about this its a big big safty issues if something happens i know i got it docamented there made cheap plastic you think that there made metal my wife got neropithie in the legs i hate to see her climb over the seats this is a bad thing if they dont have a recall thanks Eugene a Smith

Searcy, Arkansas, United States #933905

2006 hhr handles broke off. They are made out of cheap plastic. The company should do a recall!

Whittier, California, United States #928691

I drive a 2011 HHR the driver interior door handle broke off and yes, the dealer wanted $500 to repair. I was able to locate the handle on amazon for $75.00 and helpful installation information on the Web. Well months later the interior latch breaks, once again making it unable to exit the vehicle....this is truly a safety concern and these vehicles needs to be repaired at manufacturer cost.

Hightstown, New Jersey, United States #928487

I have a 2006 Chevy HHR. I broke the door handle.

I bought a replacement handle for about $90 from Pep Boys. I went on line and found out how to replace it.

They have videos. It took me less then 20 minutes to replace it.

California, United States #905087

I have a 2006 Chevy hhr & my handle just snapped now I have to reach outside window to open door but not only that my window sometimes doe's not want to go down,so what do I do then I'm stuck unless I climb over to another seat that's just ridiculous!

to mrs. wood Overland Park, Kansas, United States #905095

It is easy to fix - http://www.apdty.com/searchitem.epc?lookfor=DOR-80370,DOR-80369

I got mine from above and there are videos on YouTube that can walk you through it.

These cars need to be recalled and fixed but the Gov doesn't care until people start dying. Then they act like they did not know.

Hoquiam, Washington, United States #838192

i have the same problem, over $500 to replace the handle i have to get the complete panel now talking to customer relations, i have an idea this is a frequent problem. even gm admit they have had other people with this and complaining about the exorbitant replacement charges

Morrisville, Pennsylvania, United States #788416

OMG I am really hating my HHR I have a 2009 I never got a working key fab and only one key when I bought the car (used) for the past 3 years the door locks stick and I cant get in. the key fab wouldn't work anyway when the lock is stuck.

I have to manually lock it and ten attempt to unlock it with my hands to see if it is easy if it is stuck I have to lock it again and then its fine. THIS MORNING the handle broke off in my hand as I was trying to get out to walk into work.

I panicked didn't think oh just roll down the window Im thinking OH GREAT I have to climb over the seat in my heavy winter jacket and get out. :eek

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