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I bought two 2012 chevy equinoxes. I was a very satisfied chevy owner until recently.

Approximately two months ago my son in-law was driving one of our equinoxes and suddenly the dash started flashing stating the stabilitrak needed to be serviced. We brought it into our mechanic and they put it on their computer and no codes came back saying there was anything wrong with the stabilitrak. Then he was on his way to work and the stabilitrak went and he lost control and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree and it said the stabilitrak needed to be serviced and it was not driveable and it had to be towed to our mechanic to be repaired. Next on March 18th my daughter was on her way to work when she lost control of the car because the stabilitrak flashed suddenly saying it needed to be serviced.

She hit the divide and all air bags deployed. She was very lucky to have survived that accident. I read up on recalls and there are none. I did find a service bulletin for this.

I don't understand why there is not a recall for this.

I feel Chevrolet needs to take responsibility for this. It is unfair that my insurance rates need to go up while there is a defect in this vehicle that caused this accident.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chevrolet Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Chevrolet Cons: Defective stabilitrak.

Location: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

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Sounds like your kids need to learn how to drive.

The Stabilitrack light will come on when the vehicle is slipping or sliding and the system tries to regain control.

Even if it was off, there's no reason for there to be an accident. If your children are driving beyond the traction of your tires, no electronic assist will fix that.


Sorry that isn't always the case. My entire dash lit up like a Christmas tree and the stabilitrak stop working and my car was completely disabled.


It is a good thing to know, thank you for the info,, my daughters 2011 Equinox is doing exactly the same thing right now. I will let her know it is nothing to fool around with.

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