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Just letting you know about a bad experience I had today at your dealership today. I recently received an offer to trade in my 2018 silverado LT v6, which I'm paying 390 a month, for 2021 silverado custon trail boss v6 at a cost of 401 per month for a new 72 months.

I called the dealership and told him that I did not want to pwaste my time if this deal was not legit. They insisted I come down and talk and that they would be able to get me something. Again when I got down there I told him that if you cannot get something at the 401 price per month like the paper said then Please do not waste my time as I do not need to trade in my truck because I love my truck. After a waste of 3 hours of my life the best offer they had was $549 a month for a v8 because they claim they had no V6's.

I'm very aware that the V8 is slightly more pricey but not for a $150 a month for 72. I was told that when I bought the 2018 that I had put almost $15000 down and I wasn't putting money down today. My response was that's not what the paper says because this was all included in the offer I got from the dealership. They asked me to wait a few minutes too "see what they could do".

They further insult my intelligence by coming back with a 485 a month for 84 months offer , which if you do the math, costs more than the original offer they gave me. They told me the only thing I could get for close to 401 a month was a 4 cylinder even though the deal stated a 6 cylinder. I politely declined and needless to say I walked out of there extremely aggravated.. Not because I didn't get the deal because I didn't need the deal.

I was aggravated because I asked them not to waste my time and I was aggravated because I don't understand how a company send an offer a deal like that and come back with nothing even remotely close.

When I bought the truck in 2018 I left the dealership aggravated Because I felt that I bent too much even though I did get the truck I wanted. After today's experience I do not think I will be going back to this dealership anymore.

Location: Rockville Centre, New York

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I dont think you know what a trail boss is buddy

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