Dear Chevrolet Customer Service Representative:

I was referred to the Autonation Arrowhead Dealership through The Costco Auto Program and it is sad that I report that the dealership is a total joke. I have been by the dealership twice and walked the lot both times.

Not one time did any one introduce themselves or help me. There is hardly any inventory...and I am not joking...I went to the main doors and pulled the door open to confirm they were even open. Lol! The sales reps saw me walking around and did nothing!

Both times I visited ...days apart they still have a dead bird in the parking lot right by the main entrance to the showroom! I went by a second time as I felt maybe they were having a bad day on the first visit. Wrong...Lol. Im not joking...

it really is sad and a super poor image for Chevrolet. Im a loyal Chevy guy and this is upsetting.

Gravely Disappointed,

Chris Jones


User's recommendation: Sad to report...no reply from Chevy... Zip. So sad for a big time Chevy guy.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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