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This should have been at Chevrolet not GMC.

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Anyone thinking of getting a Corvette HTC maybe want to think again!!! I ordered a 2020 in Dec 2019.

I was told I would have to wait for 2021. I was really excited to get a delivery date 12-26-20. On 12-27-20 I put the top down and when I attempted to close it the latches deployed before the top was down. I was about 100 miles from home.

I pushed the top closed but an alert showed the top was not secure and the car is limited to 58 MPH. I drove it back to the dealer the next day another hour away. When they contacted GM they were told the part that may be needed. When they installed the part they found some *** had dropped a screwdriver in the motor area of the closer causing more damage.

They ordered more parts and then more parts. 22 days later I get my car back and the next day the top would not close. It was 47 degrees and sunny! Manual says it will operate at 32 degrees and 17 degrees up and down.

There is also a supposed to be a warning telling up you if it is too cold. WOULD NOT MOVE!! Dealer sent a flatbed to haul it back. Top operated at 70 inside and then the car was moved to unheated area and it would not operate.

I live in north Indiana. The dealer says dont put it down when it is cold!! The top operated 4-5 times in next couple weeks but it closed with a clunking sound then it jammed just like the first time. I drove it back to the dealer and they did not have any idea how to fix it!

GM sent someone to help last week. He says it needs another part. I am told the part might be in Michigan on May 17.

Over 40 days in the shop and no idea when it will be fixed or if it will ever be right! $97,500 and no one of the biggest nightmares of my life!GM

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Chevrolet Pros: Beautiful looking car, 2021 corvette looks.

Chevrolet Cons: Quality, Customer service is the worst, Quality and customer service is worst.

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