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My car lost propulsion this morning at 4AM on the freeway. Again.

MK SMITH CHEVORLET in Chino Hills, CA had the car for a week and could not find anything wrong with it. In fact, said it was my fault, I must have in error hit the Mountain mode button. Really? Same thing happened this morning, switched from electric to gas, a clunk/jerking noise, engine revving high and an error message came on "reduce propulsion" and no forward movement, the car lost speed and I was in the carpool lane, very scary.

A burning smell came into the cab of the car and when I parked it, you can smell the engine burning from outside. This time I videotaped the experience, and no I was not in Mountain mode.

My car has extended warranties, 84K mileage, mostly all electric miles. Anyone experience the same?

Product or Service Mentioned: 2012 Chevrolet Volt Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Chevrolet Cons: Blamed me for the cause of the problem.

Location: 12845 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710, USA

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I have had the same problem. The engineers of the volt seem to know about it and admit its a regular function of the car.

This is probably why I can't get the dealership to repair it. It's not a defect or malfunction. This is how the 2012 volt runs. The engine can get up to 149 hp but the generator its connected to can only get the engine (on gas) up to 79hp.

Causing the "Lost Propulsion".

Here is an article where the engineers admit to this. http://www.automobilemag.com/news/2011-chevy-volt-reduced-power/ copy and paste this to your browser for the article.

There is some kind of buffer that needs to be maintained between the gas engine and the generator. This is why I am getting the error when I am in gas mode and not even using electric. If this buffer requirement isn't met like going up a hill for long time draining this buffer quickly you will get this error.

The only way to refill this buffer is by driving 55mph in a 60mph and who really drives the speed limit these days so you will cause traffic... Or pull over for less and a minute and start all over again. Yay!...

All this happens to not damage the "pack" I assume this is some part of the car connecting the engine to the battery and generator.

I tried mountain mode and it has never helped. You apparently need to kick it on for while before you reach a long hill and it will refill a larger buffer.

This has never worked for me.

This might not be common to all volt users because if you live in a flat State you will probably never get this problem. The only way to make sure you never get this error again is to get a fully gas vehicle or hope the newer generation hybrid plugins have figure this problem out.

I am definitely a Pissed Consumer.

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