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Chevrolet reviews, Chevrolet complaints, read Chevrolet reviews, find Chevrolet reviews, Chevrolet scam reports
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  • 168 complaints
  • $1,208,625 claimed losses
  • $7,194 average
  • 12192 since Dec 22, 2007

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Chevrolet reviews, Chevrolet complaints, read Chevrolet reviews, find Chevrolet reviews, Chevrolet scam reports
  • 168 complaints
  • $1,208,625 claimed losses
  • $7,194 average
Had an experience with Chevrolet?
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  • Apr 13
  • Cairo, Al Qahirah
  • Faulty Auto
  • 1

iam doctor from Egypt, i got Lanous 2013 at october 2013 from Mansour Automotive Egypt. now its kilometers counter is 4800 Km and i have alot of complaints: 1- at the first month ( at about 300 km) i found very high temperature scale and i changed the cooling fan of motor 2- one month later i noted that bag can not be opened from inside and they did new denting for the bag 3-stop lamp was on all... Read more

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  • Apr 09
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Engine Light
  • 7

Feeling a little uneasy as I just purchased a new car back in August 2013 for a Chevy Cruze 2013. On Monday the 7th both my engine light and track light came on. Mind you this car is almost brand new with only 8800 miles. Than today as I was backing out in reverse, my car just shut off. What if I was driving on the free way? I called my service department he told me to brings car in. The first... Read more

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  • Apr 06
  • Germantown, Tennessee
  • Engine Seize
  • 8

Bought 2005 Chevy Equinox car used. Only 5600 miles on it in 2011. First the CD player stopped working. Then even after maintaining regular oil changes,one day the car wouldnt start...had it towed to the shop and low and behold they tell me my engine seized..there is oil in it tjey say... no warning lights no indication it was running hot and this after having oil changed a month before. How... Read more

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  • Mar 01
  • Smithtown, New York
  • 2007 Chevy Suburban
  • 10

I have purchased my 2007 Chevy Suburban in November, 2009. I have properly maintained the vehicle since then. Oil changes at the correct intervals. We have had several odd repairs to vehicle like replacing air compressor to rear suspension, replacing radio with navigation (screen went blank) and fuel pump/fuel gauge. Recently the engine started having a ticking noise. I brought it in to be... Read more

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  • Feb 28
  • Clearwater, Florida
  • Misleading Information
  • 13

My daughter 2 weeks ago purchased her 1st vehicle thru Dimmit Chevrolet in Clearwater, FL which required a co-signer of course. My dad co-signed, they purchased the required insurance and everything was fine so she drove it off the lot. She has been driving the vehicle 2 weeks now and just today my dad receives a call from the dealership that they need a second co-signer or she will have to... Read more

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  • Feb 12
  • Saint Louis, Missouri
  • 2008 Tahoe
  • 1
  • 17

After 5 warranty repairs in 5 years to my 2008 Tahoe's defective design rear defroster wires, ELCO Chevrolet & GM have decided they would rather lose my service business, future new business, and accept all the bad publicity I can generate; vs. give in the final $200 that it will take to fix the problem & pay for the recommended glass replacement!...Since I am now 4,000 miles out of the... Read more

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  • Feb 07
  • Brake Pad Issues
  • 8

4K Miles - Brake pad issues. Did some research, found out there was a recall for the same issue on the VIN before mine. Clearly, the issue isn't corrected. 6K Miles - Dealer didn't secure cap after doing oil change, air got into the fuel tank. No longer does my reading go over 500 to empty when I put gas in my car, but doesn't go past 490 14K Miles - Suspension. Dealer greased the balljoints,... Read more

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  • Jan 31
  • Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • 2011 Chevy Equinox
  • 4

I bought this 2011 Chevy Equinox and after 5 days of owning it had to take it in to the dealership for repairs! The water pump,fuel pump AND timing chain all needed replacing! THEN 5 weeks later MORE problems , the engine was misfiring!! So they had to replace the head gasket AND the Rear axle SEAL!!! NOW were scared to even drive this piece of garbage vehicle! We PAID GOOD MONEY and to have this... Read more

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  • Jan 17
  • Grand Falls, New Brunswick
  • Faulty Car
  • 11

Bought new.. Transmission went just a few months over five yrs.. Truck had 105 thousand klms.. Dealership would not warranty any of repairs. Just off warranty. Heater fan quite working .. CD player won't eject CDs.. Brakes have been repaired many times and the senors not working .. New wheel bearings are both front wheels. New universal . Sensor for coolant went.. This half ton has 160... Read more

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  • Jan 12
  • Chevy Cobalt Lt
  • 2
  • 1007

Back in 2007 we purchased a brand new Chevy Cobalt LT for my daughter. We paid cash and purchased an extended warranty. It has 61 thousand miles on it. Diagnosed with a burnt cylinder 1. How is that possible with 61 thousand miles? We had to have the vehicle fixed because my daughter is 600 miles away from us at college. We had no choice. They did work with us on the price but my complaint... Read more

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