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I have a 2010 Chevy HHR. The interior driver side door handle just snapped in half

  • Jul 10
  • Dealers
  • Elgin, Illinois
  • 2014 Chevy Silverado
  • 2

I purchased a brand new 2014 silverado with white diamond tricoat paint, sunroof, and every option possible. Ten months later I notice little rust spots under the clear coat. I took it into biggers chevy in Elgin where I purchase and the service rep said its not covered because the exterior warranty is only 12months or 12000 miles. I am at 23000 miles. Them he tried to tell me it's due to "acid... Read more

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Made appt to see a used vehicle...never even got to get into it before I was drug inside to gather info and credit check...when told what the 2 year old vehicle was going to cost, and after advising them that new vehicles of that same exact model were the same price I was pretty much brushed off and sent packing and being told I should go there and get a new one then. Very dissatisfied with...

  • Jul 06
  • Dealers
  • Dyess Air Force Base, Texas
  • Used Car Purchase
  • 4

My name is Jennifer and I purchased a used 2009 Chevrolet aveo with 99112 miles four months ago.  Last week we had a rain storm and while driving through a puddle of water the car stalled out and left me stranded.  We pushed the car to safety and we're unable to start it.  When we had it looked at we were told the engine was full of water and had seized up.  They then told us that they could... Read more

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Driving down the street and my 2006 Impala LS stopped and I shifted to neutral and then tried to restart. The starter gave a clicking sound but would not rotate and then start smoking. I had it towed home and a mechanic said the engine was locked up! Engine oil was 92%V, what happened? I had no control of brakes or steering! Thank God no traffic! What's Up?

Just purchased a 2014 Chevy traverse haven't had one week many complaints the backseat bench is totally unacceptable for anybody to sit in bench seat the seatbelt causes pain in lower back. Sunroof has no way to protect yourself from the heat of the sun penetrating on your head, there is no door to totally close out the sun so on a sunny day you constantly feel the heat of the sun above your...

numerous defects doors won't open .door knob snapped off.shocks are ruff even after putting on new monroe change a headlight have remove wheel well.then there is the ignition switch defect the power steering defect.airbag service light coming on and off.

  • Jun 23
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Norfolk, Nebraska
  • Transmission
  • 5

Pissed off, first of all we purchased a vehicle from Chevrolet place in NORFOLK NE, and we only had the truck three days and it put my family on the side of the road.. truck suppose to have been fix started it up and check engine light came on plus zero power. Not only did we get screw in buy this POS. the place of business as they wanna call it. Did not have paper work in line and also told us... Read more

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  • Jun 17
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Fairfield, California
  • Recall
  • 4

I navigated to the Chevrolet website to contact them about when my Cobalt might be fixed, or should I wait until it just falls apart. Using their comments, I entered the information, but in the drop-down of Chevy models the Cobalt doesn't even appear. Apparently they want to forget all about us, since we can't even ask a question using their website. More bull from the company that makes a cheap... Read more

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  • Jun 05
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Car
  • 8

This car is a o6 ss monte carlo bought and payed for 07 no sooner it was owned all *** broke loose my key some times wont come out the ignition the shuts it own self down in traffic it dosent matter my door switches goes crazy by itself it wouldnt back up had to buy arack opion starter alternator been throught exlease 10 battires now my check engine light comes on but the most devesting thing of... Read more

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